27 Jun Preparation Before Pre-wedding Shoot

You should really care about how to create your perfect pre-wedding shoot that once in your lifetime! Most of the couples didn’t know what to prepare for the pre-wedding shoot, now we sort out the checklist and hope it will be helpful to our brides and grooms~!

Prior the photo shoot day

1. Manicure and pedicure: do your manicure and pedicure 3-5 days before your shooting day, if too early the nail polish will be damaged. The pedicure depends on your heels. And, a French Style is recommended for your manicure.



2. Dye hair and haircut: Dye your hair in brownish color, the wavy of hair style will shown. Don’t ever try the “new Color in trend”, sometimes hair stylish not expert in wedding style. Trim your hair become layering.



3. Research for your preferred hairdo and makeup: It’s easy for makeup artist to catch up what style you like. Pinterest and Instagram will give you a big help.



4. Buy your heels shoes: Must choose the heels that you feel comfort. The height depends on your partner’s height. Most of the brides will prefer pump or peep toe high heels. The colors which easier the match all your gowns will be silver.



5. Prepare nu-bra and nude color panty: Optional, depends on the design of gowns such as low back, translucent. Or, you want to enhance your boobs.



On the photo shoot day

1. Wear a button shirt: Easier for the bride to change into the wedding gown after the makeup and hair is done, not to affect the makeover.

2. Slipper: Beside the heels, bring a comfort flat shoe or slipper as you need to walk a lot for outdoor photoshoot.

3. Ampoules and false eyelashes: Bring along your own ampoules and false eyelashes if you have your favorite one, otherwise use what the makeup artist recommending.

4. Groom’s shoes: To match the color of men suit. Black shoes can match with black, grey and silver suit, and for the white suit, a brown or light brown shoe is recommended.

5. Black and white socks (Long): For black and white men suits photoshoot.

6. Men’s Shirts: Bring at least 3 different colors shirt to match bride’s gown.

7. 2 Ties: To match the bride’s gown.

8. Nude underwear: When the men needs to wear white suits.



1. Props: Engagement ring, fresh flowers bouquet, balloons, plush toy etc.

2. Location research: Search for the locations for your outdoor shooting. Better get a backup plan in case of bad weather.

3. Pose List: Save your own pose list in the mobile phone so you will not run out of idea what to pose. Show the pose list or practice it with your spouse if you can so both are well prepared.

4. Portable mini fans: In case of hot weather, the mini fan will prevent your makeup from melting.

5. Safety pins: In case the zip is not working etc.

6. Mini make up pouch: If you don’t have a makeup artist that follows you through the day, you will need to bring your own compact powder, blusher, eyelashes glue, and lipstick.

7. Umbrella: In case of bad weather.

8. Insect repellent: If your outdoor shooting included natural location, believe me, you will need it.

9. Contact lens: Wear the contact lens or prepare glasses without lens.



1. Do not apply makeup on shooting day.

2. Dry your hair before your styling session or wash your hair the night before your photo shoot.

3. Do not reborn and apply any conditioner/treatment on your hair as it may be difficult to style due to its slickness.

4. Avoid drinking water after 9pm and sleep early.

5. Remember to pack your wedding props the night before and bring them along.

6. Once you do all the preparation, you won’t get fluster on your shooting day~! Wish all the couples have fun in their pre-wedding photoshoot!!